After spending a great deal of money on your new Mac, the last thing you want to do is go and spend more money on applications for it. The Mac App Store is a great resource with a lot of applications that you can either pay for or you have the option to get many for free! They have thousands of applications, from some of the hottest games, to budgeting your home finances.

The Mac App Store is going to be built into OS X Mountain Lion. This will make it even easier to get the latest apps whenever you want them. You will no longer need to have a disc or a lot of time to install the app on your Mac. Most of these apps will also work on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, as well.

The Best Things In Life Are Free And That Includes Some of The Best Apps For Your Mac!

1. Insync: For The Google Drive Lover (Free)

Many people, including myself use Google Drive on a daily basis. Insync is kind of like a Dropbox for Google Drive. It is a online flash drive tool that brings your Google Drive to your desktop. This is an great tool since with this app you will be able to be notified about the latest change or upload in your Google Drive account. Click here to download Insync.

2. Chronicle Mini:  Bill Management (Free)

Bills are something that we are always going to have, but sometimes life can get a bit crazy and we can forget about a payment due. Chronicle Mini is here to make it bit easier by letting you know when your next payments are due and when you need to pay them. You will be able to log in your bill easily on your menu bar. Another great feature on Chronicle Mini is you will be able to add your bills to your iCal application. This will make sure you never forget another payment again! There are many apps like Chronicle Mini, but this one does it all for free. Click here to download Chronicle Mini.

3. Prey: Security (Free)

Your Mac is an expensive machine and the last thing you want to happen is to have it stolen. On top of having it physically stolen, the thief could get a lot of your personal information and data. That is why it is very important the you protect yourself and your Mac in every way possible. Prey is a great security app that works to protect your information on your Mac and up to 2 other devices.  Prey also will try to geolocate your Mac. There is a free plan and a paid plan, but the free plan in fully featured and works perfectly. Click here to download Prey.

4. Mail: Email  (Free)

When you have multiple email accounts, it is nice to have it all in one place. That’s where the Mail app comes into play. Mail is a very useful application that should come built into your Mac. If for some reason you may need to download it, then it is in the Mac App Store for you. Mail has a smart spam filter and it gets rid of almost all junk mail. Another feature that it has is being able to find and manage your folders.

5. iProcrastinate:   (Free)

If you are looking for a app that is a simple and effective task manager for free, then iProcrastinate is the best app.  iProcrastinate comes with many great features, including quickly create new tasks, a calendar that provides you a view of upcoming events and organizational features. Click here to download iProcrastinate

These 5 apps are just a fraction of the free apps that are available on the Mac App Store. All 5 apps listed can be downloaded on your Mac once you have upgraded to at least OS X Lion. Your Mac has already come with many cool apps to get you started, but these are all the apps that you should download on your OS X Mac desktop or laptop.


50 Melisse Deering

Melisse Deering is a trained Mac expert as well as a passionate Mac user. She quickly realized the significance of Mac’s user friendliness and advanced features, motivating her to become an avid user and sequentially an expert.