• top5macapps

    Top 5 Apps For Your Mac In 2012

    After spending a great deal of money on your new Mac, the last thing you want to do is go and spend more money on applications for it. The Mac App Store is a great resource with a lot of applications that you can either pay for or you have the option to get many

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  • iclapper

    How To Remotely Control Your Mac With Your Hands Using iClapper Pro

    Clap On! Clap Off! Some may not know what I am talking about, but that saying was the famous words in a commercial back in the late 1980’s and early 90’s. It was a device used to turn on and off your lights and other electronics with the clap of your hands. Now, there is

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  • ssh_mac

    How To Enable SSH On Your Mac

    A great service that is provided on your Mac is SSH or also known as Secure Shell. This tool allows you to access your files remotely through a secure FTP (SFTP) connection. This will give you the ability to transfer files easily between computers over a secure network connection using a modern FTP program. The

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  • another-monitor

    Adding Another Monitor to Your Mac

    Why Add Another Monitor to Your Mac? There are those of you who have already answered the opening question of why or what benefits there are to adding another monitor to your Mac, but for those of you who haven’t even given it a thought, then it’s time to do just that. The why is

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  • Mac Utility Software: Tips to Look for A Complete Package

    Mac users normally do daily tasks to solve some of Mac OS X problems. There are times that they need to clean up the hard drive, backup important files, protect their private files and recover some files that are accidentally deleted in the system. However all these tasks are quite hard to do when done

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  • MacDefender Spyware

    How to remove MacDefender Spyware in you Mac system Mac OS is vulnerable to any threats and one good proof is the MacDefender that could easily invade the Mac. MacDefender is a fake anti spyware that targets both the Windows and Apple platforms and its main purpose it to get your valuable files and use it

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  • Apple Remote Desktop: Three ways to Use it

    Ever wonder how you can manage your Mac computers without having a hard time to do it? Here’s the best application that will take care your Mac’s concern and that is with the help of Apple Remote Desktop. Don’t know how this application works? Get to know three ways to use Apple Remote Desktop by

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  • MacPilot: Your Mac Saviors

    You might be a competent Mac user but you find it hard to handle the Terminal manually and you wish there would be an easier way to tweak your Mac OS that way it should be. But the only question is how could you do that? Reality, most Mac users are not familiar in using

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  • iTweaX: Tweaking your Mac OS

    Mac OS such as Snow Leopard has hidden preferences that are not directly available in the OS however you can control it using the Terminal codes and with the help of other third party apps. Luckily, developers of iTweaX just come in handy in tweaking the Mac OS. What this app can do to your

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  • Disk Inventory X

    Even the fastest Mac computers will come to a point that the disk spaces are accumulated with apps and files and this can slow the Mac performance. It is necessary that Mac should undergo a thorough spring cleaning to remove all the unnecessary files. This is better down with Disk Inventory X. Just heard it

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