• imovie

    How To Turn Your Images Into A Movie Using iMovie

    Now that digital camera are almost a staple in every home, we are more than ever capturing precious everyday photos. Turning your favorite photos into movies is a great way to share them has a digital movie. These digital movies are great gifts or keepsakes. iMovie is one of the best softwares out on the

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  • automator

    5 Amazing Ways to Automate Your Routine With Automator

    Making things simpler and easier is the reason that most people use a computer. It’s especially so for us Mac lovers. We hate complications, error messages, and anything else that will complicate our day, that’s why we have a Mac OS X and not a Windows OS. WIth this in mind, you can see how

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  • delete history on mac

    Browser Trouble on Your Mac? Delete History & Cache and Troubles Can Disappear!

    Delete history, is that really going to help? Well, it can. It’s a great first step when you’re experiencing problems with your browser. If your on the internet and it starts taking longer and longer to load a page, or there not loading at all, this is a good time to clear your browsing history

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  • Cleaning Up Mac, 5 Steps on How to Do This

    Mac computers are known to be faster and user-friendly thus Mac users often find it easy to stock their photos, music and other files in the machine. They are not prone to getting sluggish but over time this can happen when Mac system need to work hard because it is already filled with a lot

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  • Mac Clean Up Tips to Free Some Space on Mac Hard Drive

    Mac OS X is often regard as simpler and less complex than the Windows platform but then this is not exempted for any performance issues. Over time Mac hard drive is filled with files and applications that can bogged down the system and cause your Mac slow down. But you can do something to prevent

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  • Optimize Mac Hard Drive: Tweaking Mac OS Performance

    If you got some Mac performance issues, there are a lot of simple ways on how you can improve it without spending a lot of money. You can either optimize Mac hard drive by disabling unnecessary applications and performing other performance tweaks. Get to know more how these simple steps can improve the whole Mac

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  • Hidden Files Mac: 3 Ways to Show It

    There are times that your Mac hard drive is already full of files and most of it is hidden files. Some are hidden to ensure that your Mac is running smoothly. Sometimes you need to view these hidden files Mac because you want to use it or just want to locate the file again. Mac

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  • MacDefender Spyware

    How to remove MacDefender Spyware in you Mac system Mac OS is vulnerable to any threats and one good proof is the MacDefender that could easily invade the Mac. MacDefender is a fake anti spyware that targets both the Windows and Apple platforms and its main purpose it to get your valuable files and use it

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  • Mac Disk Utility: When to Use It in your Mac

    Mac Disk Utility, the Right Time to Use It Over time as you use your computer, you may feel that it won’t normally start unlike the first time you use it. If you want to resolve any startup issues you have with your computer then it is just the right time to pick the right

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  • Mac Disk Clean Up: Reviving your Sluggish Mac

    It’s about time for Mac disk cleanup when it’s gotten slow and sluggish this time. Almost any PC users would experience this kind of problem even Windows and Mac users. Cleaning your Mac system is quite easy with Mac Disk Clean Up and this guide will help you how to do it. Mac Disk Clean

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