• batt

    How To Maximize Your Mac’s Battery Life

    The newest Macbook Pros have lithium polymer batteries. These batteries are suppose to get about 1000 recharges in a lifetime. If you have older notebook with an older battery, then the most it will hold is about 400 recharges and then a new battery will need to be bought. But, doing a few simple tricks

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  • ituneserver

    How To Set Up An iTunes Home Server

    Many of us have hundreds of different media files sitting in our iTunes libraries but we can’t use them while we are away from our main computer. Well, now that has all changed and we are able to set up an iTunes home server. This home server will allow you to share your iTunes files

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  • nospace

    Top 3 Reasons Why You Are Losing Hard Drive Space

    Have you noticed that your Mac has started to slow down a bit lately? Is it taking longer to open or close apps? If so, this probably means that your hard drive space is rapidly depleting on your Mac. When you have many duplicate files, music files and other large files or applications, your hard

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  • delete history on mac

    Browser Trouble on Your Mac? Delete History & Cache and Troubles Can Disappear!

    Delete history, is that really going to help? Well, it can. It’s a great first step when you’re experiencing problems with your browser. If your on the internet and it starts taking longer and longer to load a page, or there not loading at all, this is a good time to clear your browsing history

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  • another-monitor

    Adding Another Monitor to Your Mac

    Why Add Another Monitor to Your Mac? There are those of you who have already answered the opening question of why or what benefits there are to adding another monitor to your Mac, but for those of you who haven’t even given it a thought, then it’s time to do just that. The why is

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  • Boost Speed of Mac in 9 Easy Steps

    Any computer users would just want to know how they can boost speed of Mac. Most of the users of Mac favor Mac machine because of its speed but when it does not deliver the speed that we want, normal reaction would get discourage. But then before you get disappointed on your Mac machine try

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  • Boost Mac Performance in 8 Simple Ways

    Ever experience on your Mac that some applications take longer to load and booting process take longer to finish? Here’s a list of simple ways that will easily boost Mac performance. No need to spend on your budget when you can do something on your slow acting Mac. Consider the following steps if you want

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  • antivirus-review

    Mac AntiVirus Software review

    Are you tired of running out at all hours to try to find some geek to fix your Mac? Most of the time, the culprit of a badly behaving computer is some sort of virus, and although newer Macs come with antivirus protection built in, it is not sufficient. Why? Because it is not kept

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  • Speed Up Mac Tips, Do It Easily with Your Mac

    Got problem with your Mac slow at startup? Or does it take forever to boot? And do you know how to speed up Mac computer and boost its performance as well? This is not actually difficult and the basic principle is just like any other operating system platform. If you want to improve Mac speed

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  • Improve Mac Speed with These Simple Steps

    Anyone who have Mac computer, simply want their machine to run faster and do better. But despite the caution and effort, there will come a time that Mac will experience slow performance. Some of common problem that most Mac users experience are hard disk space that gets filled with files and applications and other operations...

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