• uninstall

    How To Uninstall Applications Completely Off Your Mac

    When you switch over from a Windows-based system to a Mac OS X system, the add/remove process is not the same. Whether you are a first time Mac user or a well experienced Mac user, the uninstalling process can be very easy. Most applications only take a simple drag and drop into the trash bin.

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  • costumize

    5 Ways to Customize Your Mac to Keep It Fun, Personalized and Secure

    Day after day, we work on our Macs. Like our other surrounding such as our desk or office, things can become a bit dull. This is a great opportunity to customize your Mac and make it a more enjoyable time that will then lead us to become more productive. There are many different ways you

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  • Boost Mac Performance for a Better Performance

    Ever worried about your slow Mac? Well there are several tweaking tips that will boost Mac performance easily and will speed up your slow running Mac. You don’t even need to spend too much on your budget just to do this. Here are simple steps that will meet the maximum performance that you expect from

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  • Slow Down Mac Five Speed Up Tips

    Just like any system, Mac machine can become slower over time. It is possible especially if you are using too many applications and files that are getting cluttered in the Mac hard drive. However there are several steps that you can do to speed up your slow down Mac. These five steps below is a

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  • Slow down Mac, Five Tips to Speed it Up

    Your Mac system just like any other computer can become slower as time goes by. This is especially true if you got so many applications and files that are piled up on your Mac hard drive. Luckily there are easy steps that will eventually speed up your slow down Mac. Here are five steps that

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  • MacDefender Spyware

    How to remove MacDefender Spyware in you Mac system Mac OS is vulnerable to any threats and one good proof is the MacDefender that could easily invade the Mac. MacDefender is a fake anti spyware that targets both the Windows and Apple platforms and its main purpose it to get your valuable files and use it

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  • iTweaX: Tweaking your Mac OS

    Mac OS such as Snow Leopard has hidden preferences that are not directly available in the OS however you can control it using the Terminal codes and with the help of other third party apps. Luckily, developers of iTweaX just come in handy in tweaking the Mac OS. What this app can do to your

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  • AppDelete: Deleting Unnecessary Items in Mac

    For frequent users of Mac that install apps more often, update them and remove the older versions, doing this in their Mac system is quite easy. Uninstalling apps can be done easily by dragging them into the Trash but this does not completely remove the apps and may leave some files behind. Most of the

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