• safari5

    Top 5 Cool Things To Know About Safari 5.0

    So, it’s time to update your Safari browser. Don’t worry, there is only positive changes that are going to be made. Apple has even came out with a couple features that have never been seen before on a web browser. Not all of the features that are offered are listed in this article, but a

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  • jpegmini

    How to Create Space on Your Hard Drive & Share Photo’s Easier & Faster

    With the invention of digital cameras film quickly became obsolete and an explosion of amateur photographers were born overnight, myself included. With the need to pay for film or developing no longer an issue, many of us took, and still take, full advantage of our new freedom by taking picture after picture without one...

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  • stolen

    4 Tips To Keep Your MacBook From Getting Stolen

    To keep your MacBook from getting stolen, it is important to follow a few steps to secure it inside and out. When you are in a public place like a bookshop or coffee shop, it is important not to leave your Mac unattended. But, sometimes nature may call a second too late and you must

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  • os-x-lion

    5 Features You Should Be Using In OS X Lion

    These following features you should be using in OS X Lion are going to help throughout your day with your routine tasks. Apple’s latest platform, the OS X Lion has more than 250 new features. This upgraded version will give you the latest and best features that your Mac can offer. Features You Should Be

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  • washing_machine-review

    Intego Washing Machine Review

    To keep you safe your Mac needs a good scrub once in awhile. Safe from what you may wonder, well safe from having your private information viewed by the prying eyes of a hacker, or from anyone else that may have access to your computer. You may think that you have nothing to hide, or

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  • Upgrade Mac Performance with 5 Easy Tips

    If you experience some Mac performance issues, no need to worry at all because there are a lot of tips that you can do to upgrade Mac performance easily without the need to invest too much on it. These simple tips are quite easy thing to do and you don’t need to be tech savvy

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  • Speeding Up Mac with These Handy and Useful Tips

    No need to worry how you can bring back your Mac to its old self because there are simple tips on speeding up Mac that will somehow resolve the performance problem of your Mac. The next time you got slow Mac problem, these quick and easy tips will do the tasks in revitalizing your whole

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  • MacDefender Spyware

    How to remove MacDefender Spyware in you Mac system Mac OS is vulnerable to any threats and one good proof is the MacDefender that could easily invade the Mac. MacDefender is a fake anti spyware that targets both the Windows and Apple platforms and its main purpose it to get your valuable files and use it

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  • widgets for Mac: Here’s my Best Top Choices

    Widgets Mac OS There are thousands of available Desktop widgets Mac. Some are useful while others can just create your desktop messy. So if you are not quite sure what widgets Mac to put on your dashboard, then here’s a simple guide for you. I conducted and gathered here Mac Widgets. Widgets has been one

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  • Mac Malware: How to Avoid It?

    Here’s the Quickest Solution for you to protect your mac from the latest Mac malware and spyware Mac users are victims of this newest phishing scam with mac malware pretending to be a legit antivirus. Mac users are redirected from legitimate sites to fake websites where it tells them that their Mac computer is already...

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