• iclapper

    How To Remotely Control Your Mac With Your Hands Using iClapper Pro

    Clap On! Clap Off! Some may not know what I am talking about, but that saying was the famous words in a commercial back in the late 1980’s and early 90’s. It was a device used to turn on and off your lights and other electronics with the clap of your hands. Now, there is

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  • terminalmac

    Become Your Mac’s Master With 5 Terminal Commands

    Terminal commands are used by many Mac geeks to control their Mac from the inside out, but they can be easily used by any Mac user. Why bother you may wonder? Well for an example, if your CD drive is not properly ejecting the disk, you can use a terminal command to push it out

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  • heatingmac

    A Few Quick Tips to Prevent Your Mac From Heating Up

    Your Mac is a hot item, but it shouldn’t run hot. Unfortunately, a hot Mac may not even be something you’re aware of until you begin experiencing problems. That’s why it’s important to know about some reasons why the problem can occur in the first place. An overheated Mac is very dangerous and you could

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  • take-screenshot

    How To Take a Screen Shot on Mac

    Whether you use your Mac to do it or a third party application, taking a screenshot with your Mac is very easy, and even fun, to do. After you learn how to do it, you will find that the screen shots Mac takes can be useful in a variety of ways. A few ways include

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  • mackeeper-review

    Mackeeper Review

    If your Mac has begun to slow down, and is freezing up occasionally then you may have considered getting a cleaning program to restore your Mac’s speed. Mackeeper is currently the number one product on the market for not only solving and fixing slowness and performance issues, but also for keeping your Mac secure, reliable,...

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  • Upgrade Mac Speed in 4 Ways

    Mac systems slow down too as it aged. This is even true if you got so many applications and files that you need to store in your hard disk. This can delay the performance on your Mac and there will come a time that even a simple opening of applications take longer. There are times

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  • Tidy up Mac with These Easy Tips

    Having a slow Mac is really annoying but then as a Mac user it is necessary that you learn to do some tidy up Mac tips to make sure that your Mac is working perfectly fine all the time. This will also make your Mac feel like a brand new and even make its performance

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  • Mac Enhance Tips to Keep Your Mac Running Smoothly and Better

    Worried about the slow performance of your Mac? It’s about time that you do these simple Mac enhance tips that will surely bring back your Mac system on its top shape. You can even learn all these tips on your own and do it every time your Mac is in trouble. Mac Enhance Tips to

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  • Mac Tweaking Tips: Resolving some Mac Performance Issues

    Most of the time Mac system got some performance issues and this is especially true when Mac hard drive gets full of files and applications. But then Mac also comes with quick and easy Mac tweaking tips that will bring back your Mac system in good shape. Try to consider these following tips below. Mac

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  • Slow Mac Computers: Basic Steps to Improve It

    Ever met some problems with your Mac computers? Are you one of the many Mac users that need to deal with slow Mac computers? No need to worry too much because there are several ways on how to enhance Mac performance in just a simple and easy tips. Try to consider these tips below if

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