• imovie

    How To Turn Your Images Into A Movie Using iMovie

    Now that digital camera are almost a staple in every home, we are more than ever capturing precious everyday photos. Turning your favorite photos into movies is a great way to share them has a digital movie. These digital movies are great gifts or keepsakes. iMovie is one of the best softwares out on the

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  • spaces

    How To Use Spaces In Mac Lion OS X

    Spaces has been around since OS X Leopard, but it’s features have changed a bit now that we upgraded to Lion. Spaces has been revamped and comes with a new Mission Control feature. Missions Control is our one-stop place for viewing all the application windows you have on your Mac. If you are anything like

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  • heatingmac

    A Few Quick Tips to Prevent Your Mac From Heating Up

    Your Mac is a hot item, but it shouldn’t run hot. Unfortunately, a hot Mac may not even be something you’re aware of until you begin experiencing problems. That’s why it’s important to know about some reasons why the problem can occur in the first place. An overheated Mac is very dangerous and you could

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  • delete history on mac

    Browser Trouble on Your Mac? Delete History & Cache and Troubles Can Disappear!

    Delete history, is that really going to help? Well, it can. It’s a great first step when you’re experiencing problems with your browser. If your on the internet and it starts taking longer and longer to load a page, or there not loading at all, this is a good time to clear your browsing history

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  • 7ways-safe

    When You Protect Mac Computers Use Common Sense

    You may already feel that your Mac is safe because it of its great operating system. However, like any operating system, OS X can still be hacked and attacked. Also, like other operating systems, OS X has security holes. Fortunately, Apple diligently sends out Security Updates to patch these issues to make sure their users...

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  • Improve Mac Speed in 6 Ways

    Anyone Mac computers only want to machine that runs faster and efficient. However, no matter what efforts you do with your Mac you can still experience some performance issues in the lone run. This is quite true for Mac hard disk that used to get filled with files and applications. This can really affect the

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  • Upgrade Mac Speed Simply with these 4 Steps

    Your Mac will eventually run slow when it aged. This is true especially when you are using too many applications and files in your Mac. Expect that your system will bog down if you don’t know how to maintain it. When Mac performance becomes an issue, normally applications will take longer to load, locating for

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  • Mac Enhance Tips to Keep Your Mac Running Smoothly and Better

    Worried about the slow performance of your Mac? It’s about time that you do these simple Mac enhance tips that will surely bring back your Mac system on its top shape. You can even learn all these tips on your own and do it every time your Mac is in trouble. Mac Enhance Tips to

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  • Slow Running Mac, How to Enhance its Speed?

    Anyone who is using Mac computer simply wants it to go faster. But then, despite the many efforts that you do with your Mac computer you still have problems with slow running Mac machine. Some of the problems that you experience are disk space gets filled with many files and applications and some process take

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  • When Mac Slow Down, Steps to Improve It

    Whatever machine you use just like Mac, it can run slow over time. It is true especially if you are one of the Mac users that often need to use and install applications and files in your Mac hard drive. Mostly some are now aware that they tend to pile up in the hard drive

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